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SHAH HOSPITAL announced today the only ASM Stryker Navigation System for total knee replacement surgeries in Gujarat.  This system offers a technology option that helps facilitates shortened hospitalizations, fewer post-operative complications and may improve knee joint stability.  One of the most advanced systems of its kind in Gujarat area is be used by Dr.Manish Shah.

Navigated total knee replacement is an extremely successful way to treat patients suffering from severe knee pain.  The new surgical navigation technology that we have in place greatly enhances our ability to restore range of motion, overall function and return patients to normal activity.”

The Stryker Navigation system uses an infrared camera and instruments along with unique tracking software to continually monitor the position and alignment of the implant components in relation to the patient’s anatomy.  Smart Active wireless instruments send data pertaining to the kinematics (movement) to the computer.

The computer analyzes and displays data on a computer monitor in the form of charts and graphs that supply the surgeon with the angles, lines, and measurements needed to accurately align the prosthetic knee with the patient.  It’s like having a GPS System in the operating room. With it, we can give a patient a new knee that has the optimal strength, stability, and range of motion, even in difficult anatomic situations.

One benefit of the Stryker Navigation system is that it eliminates the need for pre-operative X-rays or CT scans.   Experience shows that the system may lead to shorter hospitalizations, fewer post-operative complications, and improved joint stability.  The Stryker Navigation system also has applications in hip, trauma, spine, neurosurgery, and ENT.

TKA is usually recommended for patients with severe knee pain and disability caused by damage to cartilage from rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis or trauma.  More than 90 percent of patients who undergo TKA experience a dramatic reduction of knee pain and a significant improvement in the ability to perform common activities of daily living.

Patients should consult their physicians regarding risks associated with Total Knee Replacement Surgery.

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