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Arthritis a bane, Total Knee Replacement a boon: What is new in 2010?
Computer Asstisted Navigation
Computer Assisted Knee Navigation technology to help pave the way for new options in Knee Surgery
Latest News & Events
hah Hospital is a 20 bedded, state-of-art, orthopedic and pediatric hospital. The infrastructure of the hospital and the quiet environment are conducive to faster recovery, health and well being.
We strive to become the best place for treatment of all Medical problems. Shah Hospital runs a charitable outdoor clinic once a week for the poor and needy patients. We feel it is our social responsibility and our way to reach out to the economically disabled.
Shah Hospital is active in management of bone diseases, joint problems, accidental injuries and post-accident problems. This hospital has two major class 100, state-of-art major and one minor operation theatres.
Precision in Knee Joint Replacement Surgery through Computer Navigation System :-
As with any moving part, accurate alignment is key to smooth movement and long-term wear, just as wheel alignment affects the life of automobile tires.This is also the case with knee replacement.

Accuracy to within one to two degrees and one to two millimetres is extremely important to the long-term outcome of knee replacement.

Latest Pinless Navigation System is designed to assist the surgeon in achieving this degree of precision routinely and consistently.
  This is to put on record my sincere appreciation for the very efficient care rendered to me by your staff and doctors during my recent illness at the Shah Hospital.

You have a very dedicated and qualified team of nurses and doctors working in great unison. This has enabled exceptional care for patients and given them a huge level of comfort.
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